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Vision Statement of Red Hill Baptist Church

The full Gospel will be taught, exercised, and appreciated as the ministry which God has directed the Red Hill Baptist Church. This ministry includes our belief in and manifests all of the nine gifts of the Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:8-11). These gifts are operating in the church without hindrance, for the edification of the body of Christ.

Our mission is to:

  • provide a place where the lost, hurting, depressed, frustrated, and confused can find love, acceptance, healing, forgiveness, guidance, and encouragement;

  • share the good news of Jesus Christ with everyone to make their lives better;

  • develop spiritual maturity through the preaching of God’s Word, Bible studies, small group studies, seminars, workshops, retreats, and Bible school;

  • equip every believer for a significant ministry by helping them discover the gifts, talents and ministries God has given them;

  • present Christ in a contemporary, creative, credible, and caring manner for all  to understand;

  • reach out to those in hidden places who suffer from spiritual poverty. To accomplish this, we will seek to employ every member for a personal life with Christ in World Mission;

  • serve, assist and inspire every man, woman, boy, and girl to achieve their highest potential; physically, mentally, financially, and spiritually; and

  • unite together with all Christian races as we endeavor to capture our city, state, nation, and world for Christ.